Sri Kartikeya Gana Sabha Trust

Music is one of life’s greatest pleasures and coming to Indian Music it is even enriching as spirituality has always been the core content. In an effort to preserve and propagate this divine art, Radhikka had formed Sri Kartikeya Gana Sabha Trust (SKGS) in August 2009. Supported by her husband Sri Ganapathi Murthy and a group of young, enthusiastic and ardent lovers of Music, the trust, among many other activities to be taken up in the future, endeavours to

  • Promote Classical Music (Carnatic music in particular), Harikathas, Pravachanas, Classical Dance etc.
  • Organize Lecture Demonstrations, Conduct Seminars, Workshops etc.
  • Promote young and upcoming Artistes in the field of Carnatic Music.
  • Award Scholarships to bright students of Carnatic Music.
  • Financial aid to poor Artistes.
  • Other allied activities in the field of Fine Arts which lead to the promotion and development of Classical Music, Musicians, students etc.